Your Guest List

We've already talked about how tough this can be.   Here's a few ways to tackle this task:

  • Start by having everyone make a grand list.  A list of everyone they would like to invite.  But explain this is the beginning stages and chances are cuts will need to be made.
  • Set a max number of guests to invite and split it evenly.  (Example:  If you only want to invite 150 people, your parents invite 50, his parents invite 50, and you and the groom invite 50  OR the bride's side invites 75 and the groom's side invites 75)
  • Be prepared for someone to not be happy about making cuts to the list.  
  • It can be helpful to have these conversations in person.  
  • Remind everyone that with every person that attends the costs go up.  (Chairs, tables, linens, centerpieces, food, and beverage.)
  • If you need to make cuts, consider crossing off people that you haven't seen or spoken to in the last year.


This is such a great thing to have!  About 30 days before the wedding, contact each one of your vendors to find out what time they will arrive and what they need from you.  You can create a detailed timeline from early morning until when the two of you wave goodbye.  Many photographers will assist you in creating a large portion of this.

Once you have it completed and all of the blanks filled in, don't forget to email your wedding party, any family or friends that will be in certain pictures, all vendors, your groom, your parents, and your future in laws.  Everyone will be super impressed with how organized you are!  ;)

Even if you are doing all of this on your own, there are 2 people that could save the day. Ask 2 friends or family members to help coordinate the day of your wedding.  One at the ceremony and the other one at the reception area.  The person at the ceremony be responsible for gathering the wedding party when it is time to walk down the aisle.  You could also ask her to keep a copy of the timeline and the photographer's shot list in hand to keep everything on track.  The other person is needed wherever your reception will take place.  They can assist with the flow of vendors.  Some venues or vendors offer this service but if not find someone.  You won't regret it!

(Example of Timeline)


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