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So, you've got the bling and you cannot wait to snap that picture and post it to Instagram! May I suggest you hold off for just a minute?  Take a moment as a couple to jot down a list of important people in your life that deserve a phone call or better yet a personal visit. Parents, grandparents, BFFs, and that special aunt or uncle shouldn't hear the big news via a Facebook post.

Once you've shared it with your close friends and family, shout it from the roof tops girl!

Setting a Date

After the squeals and shrills from your girlfriends have quieted, they will want to know when is the big day.  Before you randomly select a date, there are several things to consider.

  • Do either of you have seasonal jobs?  Examples: If you are an accountant, April is probably not the best time to tie the knot!

  • School?  I think I would stay away from any dates that included massive studying!

  • Are any of your “must haves” affected by the time of year?  Examples: You dream of a lush outdoor wedding with green grass and full trees.  Obviously, December is out of the question.

  • Are you a flower nerd?  (It's ok I am too!)  If you swoon over certain flowers, it might be a good idea to call your local floral shop and ask when your faves are in season

  • Vendor Necessity – There may be a venue, a photographer, a band, etc that you have had your eye on for years.  Narrow your date down to a certain month but leave the date flexible.  This way you can check the vendor's availability.

  • Calendar Check – Of course you can't contact every person you plan to invite, but there are certain people you can't live without them being at the wedding.  If your hubby-to-be's parents have already paid for a 10 day European vacation for next spring, that date is out of the question.

Wedding Party

The announcement is made and the date is set.  Now, who's going to be standing by your side?  Here are some tips when considering your wedding party:

  • The more you have the higher the cost.  (A $70 bouquet for your 12 bridesmaids equals a whopping $840 to your floral bill.)
  • If you want to include some people but don't necessarily want them in the wedding party, you can still involve them.  Ask them to do a reading during the ceremony, have them stand at your guest book, or guys can be ushers for your guests.
  • Host a dinner party for those you plan to ask to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen.  
  • Once they say yes, make sure you provide all of the information they will need.  
  • Make a calendar for them with dates, times, and locations.  
  • If you want your bridesmaids to where certain things, make sure they know in advance.  (Examples:  Shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, lip color, nail polish)
  • When choosing dresses and tuxes, consider body types and budgets.


Announcement is made and the date is set.  Let's GET STARTED!  Checklists are below.

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