4 Ways to work through your fears & rock it

This week an app called Anchor has taken the creative entrepreneur world by storm.  It has been a fun 48 hours thanks to people like Natalie Franke and Jessica Stansberry.  But while I was having fun and becoming addicted to this new shiny toy, there were many people that experienced the opposite of fun.  They were having moments of fear, insecurity, and doubt.  It has really weighed on my heart and made me realize that my fearlessness for trying something new is not something I should take for granted.  It's a real thing and it literally hurts my heart.  Sure I have fears but they are things like animals with sharp teeth and swim in the ocean (aka great white sharks).  I'm talking the fear that comes with starting something new like a business, a podcast, a blog, a YouTube channel, an IG story, a FB live, etc etc.                                         

(DISCLAIMER: You know I'm totally going to "Jesus Flavor" this post!  I couldn't be fearless without Him!  Right?!)   

1.  Figure out what it is that your actually afraid of.

Is it the fear of what people think?  Is the fear of failing?  Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen (stay tuned for a free quote graphic below you can share on social media) ?  I can think of countless times and ventures that I have asked myself this exact question.  When I was pregnant with my oldest, my mom and I started a gift shop behind her restaurant.  I can vividly remember us shopping at market in Atlanta and looking at each other wondering if we were crazy?  Our motto became "the worst that could happen is that no one buys any of this and we have great Christmas gifts for our family and friends".  It was a running joke that we made every single time we purchased inventory.  In the long run, it didn't work out.  BUT, my mom and I had SO much fun and so many laughs.  

2.  Know that your fear could keep you from something better

If I had gotten caught up in the fear of no one buying from me or the fear of people thinking I was crazy for starting a gift shop in the middle of BFE, I would have missed out BIG time!  My oldest son spent 1 day in daycare and came with me to the shop all the time, I learned invaluable lessons about owning my own business, and my mom and I had the BEST time together. 

3.  Learn To Laugh at Yourself 

Ummmmmmmm can I please go back in time and tell my 15 year old self this?!  Y'all it is OK!  Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously, do you agree?  I'm not gonna lie....I struggle with thinking everything has to be perfect before I can start something.  And that just shouldn't be the case.  A great example of this would be my #rookieintro on Anchor. In case you missed it, I recorded a segment introducing myself and when I was done I picked what I thought was the background color (lavender of course).  Turns out that I had picked the background music.  Weeeeeeeeeeeell, when you put my slow southern drawl and the "Twilight" background together you get something along the lines of a southern 1-900 number.  TRUE STORY.  It was awful!  I was 2 mm away from clicking the delete button but you know what?  I went with it!  It was silly, I've had many laughs over it and so has everyone else!  Heck, I used it to my advantage because who wouldn't want to hear the voice of a redneck call girl right?  So I point back to #1 above.  If you are terrified of looking dumb or what people will think of you, learn to let loose and just LAUGH at yourself.  If you're able to do that, when something does happen you can just roll with it and own it!  I promise you half of the people that listened to my new "radio" station did so just to hear the "redneck call girl"!  

4. Trust and know that the Creator of the universe has got your back.

*Insert Jesus Flavorin'*  When fear and doubt start to creep in for any reason, I have to give it to God.  I will literally say "Ok God I am giving this to You to worry about so that I don't have to".  Ain't nobody got time to be consumed with all that stress!  When it comes to the fear of failure, I gave that to Him years ago.  My motto is that if God wants me to be successful in a particular area or direction, I will.  Plain and simple.  And, if for some reason He doesn't, then I'm going to be ok with that too.

Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.” Joshua 1:9 (MSG)

I hope this has encouraged some of you to take a leap in something new and I WOULD love to hear about it!  Feel free to give me a social media shout out and let me know you were here!  

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