A Behind the Scenes Look at My Client Experience

Throughout my years in this business, many things have changed over time. My branding (goodbye hot pink and black logo!), my service offerings, my daily workflows, etc.

Most changes have been in the form of improvements, and my client experience is definitely one of those areas. I can't say enough about how important it is to make sure that you are blowing your clients' mind at every turn while they are working with you.

If you only ever rise to the level they expect, sure they might be satisfied, but you're in the business of making dreams come true....and consistently showing up and doing that for your clients every step of the way will create raving fans who will shout your praises from the rooftops (hopefully resulting in lots of referrals for you!)

In the past I've shared a few of my favorite tips for developing a top-notch client experience (you can read about it here) but I wanted to give you a little bit of a better visual by actually walking you through the process I go through with each and every one of my wedding clients.

A Step-By-Step Guide Through My Client Experience

Hopefully this will help you gain confidence and some ideas to implement in your own business so you can blow the socks off all your current and future clients to come!

1. The Point of Contact

Typically when someone finds out about my wedding planning services, they end up on my website as the first point of contact. They want to know who I am, what I do, whether I might be a good fit and how they can get in touch with me.

I've worked hard to create a beautiful, simple, straightforward website that conveys the kind of planner I am and what kinds of clients I typically work with.

It's also very easy for prospective clients to see what services I offer and figure out how to get in touch with me by using the simple contact form I've set up on the website.

Once they've submitted that contact form, they automatically receive an email (thanks to my business lifeline Dubsado - use code RAECULVER for 20% off) thanking them for their inquiry, along with my investment guide that gives them the basic details about pricing, what to expect when working with me, etc.

2. The Follow Up

At the bottom of that automated email I've included a little checkbox that asks prospects whether they want more info on scheduling a consultation or not.

If they check "yes" Dubsado sends me an email with the information and I'll follow up to schedule the consultation. If not, after a few days the prospect will receive a follow-up email to check back in and see if they have any questions, etc.

I've found that sometimes people don't see or understand what the checkbox is for, or for whatever reason they weren't ready to say yes to scheduling a meeting right then.

But in following up I've been able to go on and book those consultations, and even full weddings as a result!

3. The Initial Consult

At my first meeting with my clients I greet them, make them feel welcomed and at ease, and give them a one-page handout with some basic information about Le Rae Events and some frequently asked questions.

We don't go super deep during that first meeting as I've found a lot of brides are nervous during those consults. So I focus on letting them talk, asking a few questions here and there and making sure to answer all of their questions.

I also try to be generous with tips and advice to help these prospects in this early stage of their wedding planning journey, regardless of whether they book with me or not. This really helps build trust and value in our potential client relationship because they feel invested in, without feeling pressured.

I'm not into pressure sales and just focus on providing value and sending them home with everything they need to make the best decision for them.

4. Booking the Deal

When the clients decide they want to book with me, Dubsado handles everything automatically. They receive an initial agreement to sign, pay their deposit and work through the client intake questionnaire that provides me with all the information I need to start really getting to know them and what their desires are for their wedding.

I also like to send a little gift thanking them for choosing Le Rae Events to help them on their special day, which is an extra nice little touch that goes a long way in ensuring they continue to feel confident about their decision.

5. The Design Meeting

Now that we're officially a "couple" it's time to really get down to business. We schedule a design meeting where I take the intake questionnaire they filled out and we talk through their exact vision, sketching out all the details so they can see how things will come together right then and there.

This is a relaxed time of dreaming, asking questions and making decisions about their big day. I'll have product samples, fabric swatches, centerpiece options and other things on hand to show them based on the information they provided me in the intake questionnaire.

Following this design meeting I will send over a proposal with a few different options so they don't feel backed into a corner with only one set thing. I want them to pick and choose what will best fit both their desires and their budget.

6. Signing the Contracts

Again, Dubsado makes contract and agreement signing super simple and straightforward, so once they've looked over the proposal, they make their decisions, sign the contracts and we're good to go.

I always like to give them a box of goodies after signing the contracts or on their wedding day to again thank them for choosing to invite me to be a part of this special time in their lives.

7. Finish Strong

I'm a big believer in making sure to finish anything you do in life or business strong, so I make a point to ensure that all of my clients have a stellar experience from that first point of contact all the way until after the wedding day has come and gone.

I've been known to do things like sending anniversary cards to past clients on their 1-year wedding anniversary and other fun things like that. Something new that I'm just now implementing thanks to Dubsado, is sending out an automated follow-up email shortly after their wedding thanking them for their business and asking them to complete a client satisfaction survey.

This is a great way to close things up well and get valuable testimonials that I can use on my website and in my marketing.

Hopefully getting this behind-the-scenes peek at my client experience process from start to finish is helpful to you and that you'll implement some of the ideas I've shared here.

I've also put together a list of 10 ways to woo your clients, which you can click the button below to download for free.

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