Behind the Scenes Wedding Hacks from a pro

Ever since I started in this business years ago, I've recognized the value in learning from other seasoned, experienced professionals in the wedding industry.

I believe that a "real life" education from someone who knows what they're talking can often be far more valuable than any kind of formal education.

The reality is, in this business it's all about creativity.....and adaptability! Things go wrong all the time, and the stakes are HIGH.

You have one shot to do things right to ensure your clients have a magical day, but a lot of times it can seem like the universe is conspiring against you.

With so many variables that at play, just one mishap can throw everything else off. The signs of a seasoned, and gifted wedding professional are the ability to roll with the punches, creatively problem solve and set themselves up for success to begin with!

Over the years there are a ton of things I've learned that have served me well in all areas of putting together amazing weddings for my clients.

Here are a few that hopefully may help you should the need ever arise:

Business & Tech Hacks

1. Squarespace

This is my #1 favorite resource for putting together an amazing, high quality, professional website without shelling out the big bucks to pay a designer. This website you're looking at right now was designed by me using Squarespace!

Ps - Ready to jump in and create your own beautiful website? Grab this free Website Checklist to help you get started!

2. Canva

This free online graphic design program is honestly incredible, and sure beats the heck out of learning how to use Adobe Illustrator! If you really want to make it legit, you can upgrade to the paid version and add your own fonts to create branded graphic imagery templates to save you loads of time as you create new images for your website and business.

3. Dubsado

This is my preferred client management system because it was specifically created by and for creative professionals. One of my favorite aspects? Contract e-signing!  I can't tell you how much time (and stress) I have saved from this one feature!

Ps - interested in trying out Dubsado? Click the button below to get 20% off using my referral code!

4. Stock Photo

At the end of the day, it just isn't possible to DIY everything in your business, and there's no reason for you to anyway. Taking all my own images isn't something I mess around with, so I rely on high quality stock images in my business.  There are tons of resources online including places like Creative Market that sends freebies on Monday!  

Wedding Day Hacks

1. Floral Clay or Cling

Y'all, this stuff is magical and has saved my booty on more than one occasion. From straightening a crooked candle, to keeping that one ton arrangement from sliding, stopping a leak, leveling just about anything there are so many uses, and it will save a design disaster in a pinch!

2. Measuring Wheel

This tool has let me walk completely away from tape measures for good and has helped SO much for designing large outdoor spaces (not to mention it's just plain fun).

3. Getting Tight Roses to Open

I don't know about you but tight roses kind of make me wrinkle my nose (Hello 1988)!  At Le Rae, we've learned the rose varieties that open best and we like to get them early to process them way before the wedding.  BUT, that doesn't always mean they cooperate.  So, we put those babies in warm water, make sure they aren't tightly packed, and they will how out!

4. Dealing with Unexpected Food Loss

Did a server just drop an entire pan of mac and cheese and you're freaking out and scared you will run out? Here's a little tip:  Put it towards the end of the line with the smallest spoon you can find. Then, as guests are going through the line, let it get VERY low before replacing it instead of keeping constantly full.  Trust me on this!  I have done it numerous times!  ;)

5. Timing Outdoor Weddings

Trying to help your bride decide what time her outdoor ceremony should be a year from now? I always use  You can put in the wedding date and it will tell you what time the sun will set on that exact date! 

There are sooo many tips, tricks and hacks I'm sure I could share, I literally learn something new at every single event.

How about you?  What are some of your best wedding business hacks?

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