How to Grow Your Brand Visibility Through Social Media

One of the biggest parts of being a business owner, especially in our world today, is marketing. It doesn't matter how amazing your business is, if no one knows about it you'll have a tough time booking clients and generating revenue!

Marketing can feel like a scary word for a lot of people though, probably because people go to school for it, and it's a world that changes every single day.

Just like with technology, the world of marketing is constantly evolving, never sleeps and can often leave us with our head spinning as we try to figure it out.

Well, from personal experience I'm here to tell you marketing doesn't have to be a pain, and there are some tried and true marketing strategies that can really help grow your brand visibility (which will help grow your business!)

Here are a couple of the biggest ways leveraging the power of social media can grow your brand visibility today:

1. Video Marketing

In a world where "content is king," video is now queen. Think about how often you see video as scroll through Facebook or Instagram.

Or consider how many social platforms there are now that have embraced video sharing (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat to name a few!)

Video marketing is a fantastic way to capture your target market's attention and connect with them in an authentic way.

Whether you hire someone to help you create beautiful, professional videos, OR you just make an effort to pop onto Instagram stories as you work on your latest wedding, I encourage you to take the leap and put yourself (and your business!) out there on video.

Action Step: Take just ONE baby step to get started with video marketing if you haven't already.

Choose one platform to start with, and map out how you can use that platform over the course of this next week to connect with your target market and provide some kind of value.

Maybe you get on a Facebook Live to share a few golden nuggets of great information, along with a link to download an awesome freebie? Or maybe you get on Instagram stories to give a behind-the-scenes look at your client intake process.

The possibilities are endless, just give it a try - and then stick with it!

2. Leverage Someone Else's Visibility

This is a great trick of the trade, although it can be a little hit or miss. But, when you hit it can result in massive exposure for you!

Instagram is a great place to try this technique. When you share a beautiful shot of your last wedding or your latest work on Instagram, be sure to include a few brand-specific community share hashtags with the post.

What are community share hashtags? They are hashtags created by specific (often visible!) brands who promise to feature posts from users who post to Instagram using their hashtag. Make sense?

So let's say you do florals as part of your business, and you want to share a gorgeous picture of your latest arrangement. Find a few fabulous floral-themed accounts with engaged followings and a brand-specific hashtag.

Start using that hashtag every time you have florals to post - you never know when you might get lucky and have your image chosen to be featured on the larger account's feed!

Action step: Do some research to find some bigger Instagram accounts where your target audience might be hanging out who have a brand-specific hashtag (it will usually be stated in their bio). 

Add those hashtags to your list of tags to regularly use on your posts.

Bonus tip? Make sure to follow those accounts and interact with their posts regularly. This can potentially increase the likelihood of behind chosen to feature.

3. Produce consistent content

As with most things in life, consistency will be your best friend when it comes to gaining visibility for your brand through social media.  And like my Paw Paw says, consistency is the key to any business.

I encourage you to take time each month to plan out what your objective for the month is. Then, map out what kind of blog content you'll produce, write a few share-worthy social media posts specifically to promote each of your blog posts, and leverage a great social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Smarterqueue to ensure great content is consistently going out at all times.

The best way to get visibility for your business is to know who you're targeting, where they are hanging out, what they want, and being consistent in providing that.

Action step: Decide where you will focus your content creation efforts for the next month.  Sit down and plan out at least one week of content.

Plan out your content, put it in your calendar, and follow through! Make sure to write down your followers and engagement numbers at the start of your month, and then check back in at the end of your month to monitor growth and see what's working or where you need to make tweaks.

Want to see what one of my content calendars looks like?  Click the button below to download a copy of my IG calendar.  I am a total visual person so I like to see it in squares just like the app.  I try to do my weekly planning on Wednesdays.  I have a specific pattern for my IG feed. I put the date, time, and type of post it will be (an image, a blog post, or a quote graphic).  Then I use Jenna Kutcher's method the "Kutcher Five" and only post about 5-6 topics (weddings, business tips, my family, my faith, and being a dreamer). 

If you're not already following along, be sure to join me over on Facebook and Instagram, my two favorite places to hang out and connect!

What about you? What are your favorite places to hang out on social media, and how are you leveraging them to increase your brand visibility?

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