7 Habits of Successful Wedding Planners

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Do y'all remember watching Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey kill it years ago in the super popular romantic comedy The Wedding Planner? I just love that movie and feel like J. Lo's character Maria inspired so many women with a passion for weddings.

The thing I remember most is what an amazing planner she seemed to be. The film followed her around as she took care of every minute detail of her bride's wedding day experience, always working hard, thinking ahead, anticipating each move and giving ceaselessly. Those who watched her work could clearly see this woman has what it takes!  (Well except for the stealing of the groom part.  LOL! )

In my years as a wedding planner, I feel like I've definitely learned that there are certain traits and habits that set certain planners head and shoulders above the rest - and most of them can be learned and developed! Here are just a few.....

1. She works well under pressure

Let's face it - this day is most likely going to be one of the biggest, most important days of your bride and groom's life! That comes with a lot of pressure to make sure it's completely and totally perfect (or as perfect as possible, anyway!) Successful wedding planners know that, though they may not be able to make everything run perfectly, they need to be able to roll with the punches and think quickly on their feet - that's their job!

2. She prioritizes well

Whether it comes to time management or prioritizing a miles-long to-do list, successful planners need to be able to regularly practice prioritization. At the end of the day, you'll reach a point where everything cannot get done. That's when you need to know what is truly worth doing, and what can be let go. Learning to prioritize your time and focus well will enable you to have the greatest impact and do the best job possible for your clients.

3. She knows when to say "no"

Are you noticing a trend here? Wisdom and discernment play a HUGE role in the success (or lack of) for wedding planners. Our role is literally to run the show.....but to do so with deference to our clients, kindness and wisdom. There will be many, many, MANY requests made of you throughout your career as a wedding planner - sometimes by the bride and/or groom, sometimes by the family, sometimes by the vendors, etc. To be successful, you have to know when saying yes would be detrimental to your overall goal. Start practicing now - learning to say no when necessary will save you and your clients a lot of heartache and stress!

4. She networks like a boss

This may be my #1 tip, so listen up! Do you want to be truly successful in the wedding industry? Learn how to network, network, network girl! Seriously, this industry is fueled by relationships. Being on great terms with other planners and having good relationships with local venues and vendors can go such a long way when it comes to serving your clients as best as possible. I love that I have friends in the business who I can call on when I have a need, and it makes my heart happy that they feel the same about me. When we are willing to step outside our comfort zone and build a network of relationships in our business, huge opportunities will follow!

5. She is a hard worker

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but it's mega important! I think it can be too easy to assume that weddings are fun, breezy, carefree things that will just be loads of fun to plan every step of the way through. The reality is that when you start planning weddings, you are likely to work harder than you ever have in your life. Sometimes there will be 15 hour days that leave you completely spent. Sometimes you'll feel like a used up mom, constantly being pulled in a million directions by a million different people (which is especially hard if you're actually a mom too!) Bottom line: being a wedding planner is darn hard work, but it's some of the most rewarding work in the world if you have the passion for it! 

6. She is afraid to take risks - and does it anyway

With business ownership, there aren't any guarantees. Getting to a point of leaving a 9-5 job or changing up your life in a big way to go full-time as a planner is a HUGE deal! It's scary, it's overwhelming and if you don't follow my advice in tip #4, it can feel isolating. But at the end of the day, the most successful planners I know are the ones who are willing to take wise, healthy risks in the name of pursuing their passion and building a business that they love.

7. She loves on her brides

This last point is one that really sets successful planners apart from the rest. When you love your bride and are intentional about showering that love on them by being and doing the best you can, that will make an impression that will last forever. And don't forget - genuine, positive word of mouth advertising is the best there is! Giving your bride your all, and going above and beyond will be some of the best fuel for catapulting your business into the highest success.

What about you? Are there any habits or traits you have found to be especially important to successful wedding planning? I'd love to hear them, so be sure to share in the comments below!

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