2018 Your Best Year Yet: Reflect

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I claimed 2017 was going to be my best year ever.  The year I turned the big 4-0!  And while it was a great year, I'm super competitive and claiming 2018 is going to be even better!  For the month of December, I'm getting things in order to make that happen and I would love for you to join me!  Each week we'll focus on 1 topic to map out what will be our best year yet!  Annnnnnd there may be a lil' surprise at the end!  You in?

WEEK 1 - Reflect

It sounds deep doesn't it!  But identifying what worked, what didn't work, and why it didn't is CRUCIAL in making each year better than the last.  I've got 4 tasks for us to do this week to prep for our goal setting on Monday!

1.  Celebrate Your Wins

To start out on a positive note, go over your wins of 2017.  This doesn't have to be just in business.  It can be physical, financial, spiritual, relational, your home, your parenting, your marriage, and the list goes on.  Identify your successes and then celebrate them!  Go ahead I'll wait here while you do a little happy dance.  LOL!  Well done and a virtual high five!  ;)

2. Figure Out Why It Failed 

Now comes the hard part.  What did you not do so well on.  For this, it's important to take it a step further.  Why did it bomb and what can learn from it?  Not to get all mushy gushy but take a minute and get honest with yourself.  Here's a few of my less than stellar moments of 2017.  One big flop for me:  My Wedding Business Basics course.  A 2017 goal of mine was to launch the course.  Yeah that didn't happen.  Why do I think it flopped?  It was the wrong goal.  The goal should have been to grow and nurture my audience!  I wanted it fast and forgot steps that needed to happen first.  You can't skip steps!  Another flop in a totally different area in my life:  Weight gain.  I have a minor heart defect and it is important for me to stay healthy and I just completely ignored it this year.  Why didn't I meet this goal?  I didn't do the action steps.  Goals aren't going to get done if you ignore the action plan you have set in place.  I can't expect to stay healthy if I failed to workout consistently all year!  So, what about you?  Where did you fall flat?

3. Get Over It (Is that too harsh?)

Ok so it didn't work out like you wanted it.  It happens.  Trust me I know (see examples above)!  But, we can't dwell on it and let it create a stagnancy in 2018.  If we're going to have the BEST year yet, we've got to learn from our mistakes and move on!  I'm ready!  Are you?

4.  Talk to Him

His approval, His direction, His will means EVERYTHING!  I want to look back at 2017 and make sure I was following His plans and not my own!  Also, be praying He will help you set some amazing goals next week!

Don't jump too far ahead.  The planner in me wants to skip this step (notice a pattern here) and go right into goal setting for 2018 but not too fast!  This week let's reflect on things that worked and things that didn't work in 2017 and WHY.  I've created a free worksheet to help us do that. You can download it below. 

I want to find you on IG stories so make sure to use #2018mybestyearyet

Good luck friend! 

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