Designing Your Vision: Mood Board 101

At the start of planning every wedding I often will create a mood board full of inspiration to help me design and plan with clarity and vision. Not only does it help me as I embark on a new project, but it also helps me provide my brides with an idea of concept and design and ensure we are both on the same page in terms of style, feel, colors textures, etc.

Here are a few tips that will walk you through my process of mood board creation so you can begin implementing this helpful practice in your own business.

Tip 1: Start Right Away

Usually I start my mood board creation process with key words and colors given to me by my bride. Think words like fall, glam, vintage, etc. The best time to gather this information is right after you meet with a bride and groom. The first consultation after booking normally lasts about one hour at Le Rae Events. If I set aside about 30 minutes to an hour afterwards, that couple and their personalities are fresh on my mind. Sometimes I start researching on the computer and sometimes I just "see" my vision and go straight for the graph paper and pencil to get my ideas and vision out.

Tip 2: Create a Pinterest Board

One of the simplest ways to gather inspiration for your mood boards is to get on Pinterest! There are literally thousands of gorgeous images already available in the Pinterest database, but you can also pin images from anywhere on the web or upload your own. You can create a secret board and even invite your bride to contribute to the board, which will let her share images that reflect the style she desires for her wedding.

Here are some pretty examples of the kinds of imagery you can find, gather and curate on Pinterest:

Tip 3: Look Beyond the Wedding World

I really want to challenge you to look at things outside of the wedding world to draw inspiration from. Last summer I wrote about being inspired by an outfit my husband had worn to church the day before. This is the mood board I created inspired by his look:

I also created one inspired by an outfit my friend wore to her baby shower. It was a gorgeous emerald color, and it resulted in this beautifully, luxe mood board for a wedding I did:

Clearly I'm often inspired by fashion, but there are so many other beautiful things in the world around us that can inspire our vision when planning weddings. So, start taking notice and getting creative!

Step 4: Find a Tool You Love

For simple inspiration boards, I use Canva, which is a free graphic design program. They have really great collage templates for you to choose from. You could also use PicMonkey, which is similar, though a bit less advanced with fewer capabilities.

For more detailed boards I use Adobe Illustrator, which is what I used to create the two boards I shared above. The nice thing about Illustrator is that you have complete control in choosing your board layout and you can use the eyedropper tool to pull colors and textures straight from the images you've saved.

I hope these tips help encourage you to get your feet wet in creating mood boards at the start of your wedding projects. They really do go a long way in making sure you have a clear design vision that aligns with the style tastes and desires of your clients, and helping you stay focused on that vision throughout your planning.

Have you ever tried your hand at creating mood boards for your weddings before? What questions do you have about the creation process?

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