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First Impressions

Can we chat about first impressions?  For the majority, the first time a potential client
learns about us or sees us is online.  When a bride-to-be hears about our fab company what is one of the first things she does?  It's 2016, of course she goes to our website.  About a year ago I read an article that stated "you have 0.05 seconds to convince a visitor that you are worth their time".  Y'all that is crazy!  That means by the time I snap my fingers she has already formed an opinion about me and my business.  What has taken six years to build is judged in less time than it takes to spin around???  OUCH!  

If this is the case, we have got to be on top of our game!  Don't you agree?!  Here's 5 things we can do to make sure our first impression is good enough to get our ideal bride to click that "contact us" button and not go searching elsewhere!

1.  What are you selling?  This may seem SO obvious but I have struggled with this in the past.  A potential client shouldn't have to guess what you do and what you offer.  So, make sure this is listed on your site and that the visitor doesn't have to search hard to find it.

2.  Simple Navigation - Just because you know where to go on your site doesn't mean everyone else will.  Sometimes we try to be too clever with our creativity.  This can confuse people and that is the exact opposite of what we want.  Make it simple so they will stick around.

3.  Load Time - I remember during my rebranding process I was dying to have a song playing on my site.  I thought this would be uber cool (no judging it was new to me).  That is until my friend explained that often times this can cause a slower load time.  I had honestly not even thought about how long it took for my site to come up.  I quickly agreed to nix this idea. There is nothing more annoying than feeling like you are back in the 90s with dial up internet!  Can I get an amen to that?  

4.  Less is More - I am SO thankful for my BFF Whitlee Lusk and her mad skills.  I have to admit I didn't always think like this (insert shame).  Over time she taught me "less is more" and she is oh so right.  There is something so calming about a clean and simple website.  You can stay there for hours.  But, hop on a site that is busy and cluttered and you can't wait to get off.  Our goal is to keep people on our site not rushing off to another one.  This also applies to fonts.  I am a HUGE fan of hand lettering and fabulous glyphs BUT if a potential customer can't read it what good is it doing me?

5.  Professional Photography - I realize that when we first get started we may not have this.  But it is crucial.  My best advice is to partner with a new photographer and do a styled shoot.  It doesn't have to be elaborate.  A flower arrangement, a place setting, and/or detailed shots of an invitation suite are all examples of things that you can do for very little money.  Over time you will gain more pictures but you have to start somewhere.

So, what do you think potential clients see, feel, experience in that first second on your site?  Do they want to stick around and gobble up loads of inspiration and info or did they move along in less than a second?  I've shared my Le Rae site below and would love to see yours!  Feel free to post a link in the comment section!

*Branding and web design by Whitlee Lusk*

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