How to Navigate Changing Seasons in Your Business

In life and business we encounter changing seasons that are marked by notable shifts and transitions, moving us from one phase to the next in a cyclical rhythm. Obviously there are the actual seasons that we experience in life, and there are also more figurative seasons we encounter.

Navigating through these seasons of life and business can sometimes feel a little scary or unsettling if you aren't prepared for them, which is why I want to share a little bit about how to successfully navigate through each season you will encounter in your business.


Since we are in winter right now, why don't we start there?! Typically when we think about winter, we think of colder weather and hibernation. We usually prepare in advance for this season, to make sure we have everything we'll need to endure the colder months and be set up for the busy season to come.

In your business, when you enter into a winter season, things might look a little colder and slower. But that doesn't mean you go into hibernation! Resting is a great idea in order to prepare you for moving into the busier season, but it's also a great time to map out some plans and get yourself and your business ready for what lies ahead.

This is also a great time to focus on making connections with people who can help you grow your business when it's the season for that. Think of ways you can reach out to people to establish new connections, as well as ideas for how to grow your business in the seasons to come.


When spring rolls around, everything starts really growing. In business, this is when your business will really start to blossom and you want to be ready to take advantage of all the opportunities coming your way. This isn't a time for rest, that's come and gone, and now it's time to really hustle and work hard so you'll see an abundant harvest in the next season.

Spring is the perfect time to plant the seeds for the plans and ideas you came up with during the winter, and get consistent in watering them daily so your business will grow, grow, grow! It will become really evident moving forward how much care you took to do the work when you had the chance.


Summer is the next season that usually rolls around, and this season is marked not necessarily by slowing down, but by zeroing in on nurturing what you already have. This is a really nice season to be in because the frenzy of new growth and opportunity that came in the spring has died down a bit, and now you are strolling down a nicely paved path, doing your thing in preparation for the harvest you've prepared for in your business. It is important to rest again during this season.


Eventually fall will arrive, and is everything works out, this should be a time of great harvest for your business! But we all know harvest season is a busy one, so it'll be important that you prepared by resting and nurturing yourself and your business over the summer.

During the fall is when you bring things full circle by celebrating your growth and successes while also preparing for the slower season when it'll be back to the drawing board for you to recover and plan out the best ways to move forward.

It's really important to remember that no season lasts forever, so try to embrace the season that you're in and work with it instead of fighting against it!

Are you currently experiencing a cold, slow season in your business? Then it's time to get your foundation solid and map out a game plan for building and growing things when it's time for the spring season.

Are you completely overwhelmed by the growth and volume of work to do in your business right now? Just remember, this is what you've been working for and it won't last forever! Ride the wave, make wise decisions and work hard - a time of harvest and rest will be coming soon.

If you're in a season that just kind of feels good and right - enjoy it! This is the time to savor everything you've been working for and everything you've achieved to this point. And, it's a time to nurture yourself and the business you've created. Take care to sustain the momentum.

And lastly, if you're in a season of harvest, celebrate! Don't forget to get yourself and your business ready for moving into the next season, marked by a slower pace and slower business, which will give you lots of opportunity to plan and prepare for all that lies ahead of you :)

Each season has something to teach us, and when we learn to embrace the seasons of both life and business, we'll be well on our way to great things!

What season of business do you feel like you're in right now? What kinds of lessons have you learned walking through each season?

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