#ThankfulThursday: Technology

Well, I can hardly believe it, but it's already November and the holidays are fast approaching! I love this time of year - especially this month, because it presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on everything we have to be grateful for in our lives and businesses!

Each week I'll be sharing something I'm grateful for and how that thing has positively impacted either my life or business, in the hopes that it will inspire you to do the same in your own life.

This week I want to kick off the series by sharing about how grateful I am for TECHNOLOGY. As a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur I truly don't know what I'd do without the modern conveniences technology affords me.

Take yesterday, for instance. This past month has been totally bonkers and yesterday we finally closed on a lake house about an hour away. My dad hadn't seen it yet, so we were driving out to finish the closing and so he could see it. But, technically Wednesdays are "office days" so there was work that needed to be done!

Enter: technology to the rescue! While I was out, thanks to the amazing invention of the smartphone, I was able to have access to client information, my schedule and to-do list, my email and was even able to have a business meeting over the phone while I drove!

I know I don't have to tell you twice how handy technology is, but I also think it's an easy thing to start taking for granted after awhile.

Just think a minute about what life would look like without the use of the technology we've become so dependent on. Now, aren't you SO grateful that you get to live with it?!

Awhile back I shared nine of my must-have tech tools that have helped me run my life and business well. You can go read about all nine of them here, but for now I'll highlight just a few that really pack a punch and make me do a happy thank you dance almost daily!


Automation is a big "hot word" out there in the business world right now - and for good reason! Getting automated systems in place makes the busy world of a boss mom so much easier and less stressful. Social media management for your business can suck the life right out of you, but tools like Hootsuite really take a load off your shoulders and I'm so grateful for them!


Does anyone remember the old days when people had real offices with paper filing cabinets to keep track of every little important thing? Now obviously, sometimes that is still necessary. But thanks to the internet and technology, we now have amazing resources like Dropbox for keeping our digital lives organized in one place! I love that I can upload anything I need to my Dropbox account and then access it from anywhere.

Creative Market

As a creative entrepreneur this resource has been completely invaluable for DIY-ing so much of the visual and branding side of my business. This online marketplace is chock full of amazing digital creative goods like website templates, stock photos, pretty fonts and even free downloads every week just for subscribing to their newsletter! Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!!

There are obviously a million other kinds of technology that I'm beyond grateful for, and we'd be here all day if I took the time to list every one I could think of here! But the point is, we live in a day and age where we are extremely blessed to have the modern conveniences that we do, and I never want a day to go by where I don't acknowledge how blessed I am!

So, I'd love to know - how has technology positively impacted your life and business, and what are some of your favorites?

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