Hello Wedding Day Academy

A few years ago a special friend and mentor of mine told me to write down my goals. Referencing a bible scripture, Habakkuk 2:2, she told me to write down the vision for my life and my business.  At the beginning of 2013, I remember (and probably still have the piece of notebook paper) writing down 20+ weddings.  Bless my "big fat dreaming" heart.  The very next year Le Rae Events took part in 17 weddings and it was insane!  Needless to say, I realized I had rounded way up on that vision!  ;)  With those 17 weddings, there were many, many inquiries from other brides.  For some, it was simply conflicting dates.  But, the majority that didn't book us were brides whose budget would not allow them to hire us.  Cue light bulb and audible "ding"!  Hmmmmmm.  How could I continue to do what I LOVE (in smaller quantities), not kill over in exhaustion, AND somehow reach out to the brides that wouldn't normally hire us?  Hello, Wedding Day Academy!

Did you know there are over 2 million weddings in the United States each year?  That is just unreal to me.  If they were spaced out evenly, that would be almost 5,500 weddings every single day!  MIND BLOWN!  Did you know the majority of these brides don't hire a wedding planner?  They rely on the internet, magazines, family, and friends to help them plan and organize their big day.  They gather all of this information from all of these different places and pray they get it right.  (Light bulb anyone?)  Why not offer my knowledge to this group of gals at an affordable price?  Some people have asked, "Why would you offer a course for brides to plan their own wedding?  Don't you want them to hire you?".  The answer is no, not exactly.  I firmly believe that if you can afford to hire a planner, then hire a planner.  Life will be easier.  But, the reality is that many brides don't. This is exactly who the WDA bridal course is made for.

Starting today, I am offering $30 off until May 31st as an early bird discount for the bridal course.  Engaged?  Check it out!  Otherwise, share this with all of your engaged gal pals and help me spread the word!  THANKS!


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