5 Lies moms Believe about starting a business

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Girlfriend, far far too often we allow ourselves to believe things about ourselves, our situation, and our lives that simply are not true. Becoming an entrepreneur, a mompreneur is no different. Lies and excuses multiply like wild fire when we try and convince ourselves this business thing probably isn’t a good idea. I’m here to tell you it CAN be done! I’ve done it. My mama’s done it. Hundreds of women are doing it and You can too! Below I’m debunking the myths and lies you might try and give me if we were sitting on the couch having a heart to heart about why you haven’t started already!

Lie #1 - It’s Not The Responsible Thing To Do

There’s a lot of people in this world that don’t have that whole entrepreneurial spirit like you and I do (yes you have it…or you wouldn’t be reading this - LOL). They go into work everyday, punch a time clock, and come home. Instead of daydreaming about being their own boss and setting their own hours, their goals include benefit packages and climbing the ladder. And that’s totally ok. We are all wired differently. But if and when you decide to take the leap and start your business, you may find some of these people will try and keep you from pursuing those dreams. Even though it might be unintentional, they can leave you feeling silly for wanting such things. They may try to convince you the only way you can be successful is if you work 8-5, five days a week and have a 401k. But here’s the deal, there is NOT just one definition of success. Their meaning of success may be security such as a nice retirement while yours is being able to work from home and not having to put your kids in daycare. I’m not saying either measure of success is better than the other. My point is that you need to define it for yourself and then decide with your spouse (and the Lord) if it is the responsible thing for your family. This isn’t something you should let your peers decide for you.

ACTION STEP - Define what success looks like for you.

Lie #2 - I Don’t Have Enough Time

Listen, I’m not doubting that you don’t already have a gazillion things going on. But what I am saying is that more than likely there are chunks of time you (we) spend doing something that may not be important. Did you know the average American spends over 3 hours per DAY on their cell phone. Think about how many times a day or week you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. If we took an honest audit of every second of our day, I would be willing to bet we could find at least a few hours a day we could be building a business. Heck, even if it was just 1 hour a day! We could do big things with that time!

ACTION STEP - Do a time audit. Take note of every single thing you do for a week.

Lie #3 - I’m Not Qualified

Says who? I didn’t go to college for wedding planning or business. I actually have a degree in nursing. You don’t have to have a masters in business to become your own boss! Let’s use nursing as an example. I went to school for 4 (LONG) years and if I’m being honest, I learned more about my profession in the first year I was in the ER than I did my entire schooling. On the job training trumps the classroom every day of the week in my book!

Dive in, dig deep, do the research, and go for it. The internet is packed with useful information on just about anything imaginable. When I first started Le Rae Events, I knew the names of about 5 flowers. Did I curl up in a ball and say “I’m not trained in floral design so maybe I shouldn’t do this.”? HECK NO! I found a great website and learned as much as I could. I still do this to this day looking for new flower varieties. Girl, when all else fails GOOGLE it! LOL!

Pray for wisdom and guidance along the way.

ACTION STEP - Research, Research, and Research

Lie #4 - I Don’t Have The Money

GIRL! Gone are the days of having to go borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy that storefront. So much of what you need to do to start a business is free.

  • Facebook business page - Free

  • Instagram business profile - Free

  • Pinterest business account - Free

  • Email List via Mailchimp - Free

  • Domain Name (your URL) - $15-$20

  • Squarespace Website - Start for as little as $12

You can literally get started for less than $100. Ok ok I know some of you are saying “Rae I don't have ANY extra cash”. Well then sell something! You could totally put that Coach purse or that little side table sitting in the garage on Facebook Marketplace. Sell whatever it takes to get the ball rolling! I’d hate to know my life could have forever been changed but wasn’t because I didn’t have an extra $40.

ACTION STEP - Set a budget and sell something!

Lie #5 - No One Cares What I Have To Offer

I am SO guilty of this one and it is a lie straight from the devil! It wasn’t that long ago I remember thinking “Why would they hire me nobody cares what I have to say”. The truth is you and I have something valuable to offer! God has gifted each of us with unique talents and abilities and we should use them to help others! BELIEVE IT!

ACTION STEP - Find a scripture that speaks to you about your gifts and keep it on repeat in your mind.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.. Psalm 139:14a (NIV)

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

I want to use my talents and abilities to encourage you to kick these lies to the curb and GO for it in your business. I know you can do it! I’ve created a checklist of things you need to do in order to get started. You can grab it below.

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    The One Thing That Will Keep You Effective & Productive

    keep you consistent.png

    Shewww it has been such an emotional day for me. My oldest started college and my youngest started something new - online school. I started this morning with coffee and prayer. And if I'm being honest, tears just flowed and flowed. Maybe it's because I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, I crawled into bed at 1:13 AM. But, something's a-brewin' in this little office of mine. I truly believe God is about to do big things in my life and in yours. Y'all, for me, it's scary, but oh so exciting.

    You have been on my mind so much lately, and I have been praying for you this week. I want you to know that I see you. I see you struggling to do “all the things”. As a wife, mom, business owner, friend, homemaker, Christian (and the list goes on), I know there's 110 hats you have to wear. Then, every time you turn around someone’s telling you that you must declutter and simplify your life. While that sounds wonderful and I could probably stand to lose a few old t-shirts and tupperware lids, exactly what is it that they want you to simplify? Which hat are you supposed to toss? Well, you sure can't toss feeding your family. You might can skip a load of laundry today, but it's just going to pile up tomorrow. Hiring someone to answer all of the emails in your business isn’t a bad idea but if you can’t afford it at the moment you’re going to have to do it.  Cutting any of those things is not an option. So, guess what? We're back to square one, and the question remains. How the heck do I get it all done? This is what I've been praying about for myself and for you. 

    About a month ago, I set a goal to once and for all be consistent in my social media, and I was going to start with Facebook. Twenty five days later, I am proud to say I've done it, but there's one reason, and one reason only, accountability. It made me start thinking about when I was in the best shape of my life, which wasn't too many years ago. Guess what? Want to know the reason? Same thing, accountability. If there was ever a time in my life that I was consistent and/or effective accountability was involved. This was such a light bulb moment. How can we do all the things, all the things that we're supposed to do on a daily, weekly basis? Easy, accountability.

    This lead me to what I pray will be an answered prayer and a solution for us all.......V.A.M.P., Virtual Accountability and Management Program. The definition of revamp is to give new and improved structure, form, and appearance. And that's exactly what we’re striving for. Right? We want to be new and improved women. We want to be healthier, better moms, better wives, successful business gals…….”all the things”. We want to have that structure in our daily routine. I know I so desire to be effective in every single one of these areas.  In order to be effective, I MUST be consistent.  Working out once a month is not going to get me to my ideal weight nor will responding to emails once a month make me really popular with my clients.  Consistency is KEY!  And, I strongly believe the only way for me to be consistent is with accountability. 

    Of course, as usual, I have a million ideas, but I told myself I wasn't going to wait until it was all perfect. So, so, so many times I get caught up in making sure the branding colors are just right, the font is perfect, the graphics are on point, everything is lined up, and I have everything figured out. I far too often do this with new ideas in business, but not this time. I wasn't going to put off letting you in on what God is doing. I can't wait to tell you more. 

    Would it be totally cheesy, if I did an "altar call" - lol?!  If this resonated with you in any way and sounds like something you'd want to be a part of, will you "raise your hand" by signing up below?  I'm praying for direction and clarity on how we can partner together and rock this!

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